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URI has been serving the HVAC and refrigeration services industry for more than forty years. We re-manufacture and stock a complete line of semi-hermetic and open compressors beginning at 5 hp.

We are a distributor and service center for all series of Hanbell Screw Compressors.

URI stocks new Danfoss Performer Scroll compressor products for replacement and retrofit.

We also stock a complete line of Mueller Industries replacement compressor service valves, fittings, and brass specialties.

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Step 1: Disassembly

Bearing and motor renewal: All components are removed prior to cleaning process.

Step 2: Burnout oven

Compressors are cleaned by heating at very high temperatures, until paint and dirt are burnt off.

Step 3: Cleaning of body with shot blast process

After burnout oven, compressor bodies, heads, covers and other hardware are cleaned in the shot blast.

Step 4: Clean compressor

Compressor is back to the original cast iron finish.

Step 5: Body Processing:

Bore measurement during honing process.

Step 6: Checking dimensions on crankshaft journals

Dimensions on all new and requalifiedparts must be checked. Individual parts are color coded to indicate dimension.

Step 7: Quality Assurance

Incoming part quality assurance testing.

Step 8: subassembly preparation

Assembly of terminal plates.

Step 9: Motor rewind shop

Step 10: Assembly

Torquing rod caps

Step 11: Final Assembly

Head installation.

Step 12: Final Assembly

Torquing head bolts.

Step 13: runtest

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Step 14: Painting and packaging

Painting with our "electrostatic" paint system

Step 15: Finished compressor

Ready for packaging

Step 16: skidded and labeled

Step 17: Packaged compressors

Inventory of finished compressors

Step 18: On the truck for delivery

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About URI Compressors

URI Compressors, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania, February, 2005 by Bruce M. Reich. Prior to this Mr. Reich served as Vice President and General Manager of United Rebuilders, Inc. a premier compressor remanufacturer.
After graduating from the University of Houston in 1972 Mr. Reich was employed by Brown and Root in Houston, Texas as an HVAC and Plumbing designer. until April 1977 when The Trane Company, La Crosse, Wisconsin eventually serving as Technical Service Manager for several major product lines as well as executive positions with several mechanical contractors in their service operations. In October of 1996 he was recruited by United Rebuilders, Inc. of Mt. Vernon, NY.
United Rebuilders, Inc. was founded by John F. Megrue in 1970 and became one of the most successful quality "full line" HVAC/R compressor remanufacturers' in the country.
After Mr. Megrues' retirement in July 2005, URI purchased the assets of United Rebuilders, Inc. Mr. Reich serves as its' current President and CEO. Along with Mr. Reich, his daughter Jessica Reich Volchko serves as Office Manager, Karen T. Chiappa as Controller, Nandalall Tuleram (Gobin) as Warehouse/Field Operations.
In late 2005 URI moved  operations from Mt. Vernon, NY to its' current location in Allentown, PA. In addition to our Allentown facility is a manufacturing location in Monterrey, Mexico that serves both the U.S, Latin American, and Carribean markets. This facility is both ISO 9002 and "Lean Manufacturing" certified


 Compressors are warranted for a period of one (1) year from date of original sale against defects in material and workmanship unless canceled in writing by URI Compressors, Inc.

This warranty expressly covers defects in workmanship and/or material and excludes damage caused by installation, equipment, and/or situations beyond our control. Failure to follow prescribed and accepted methods of installation, system cleanup, dehydration, and system troubleshooting will at our discretion render this warranty null and void.